Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chenonceau exterior and Monmousseau Wine Cave

After visiting the interior of the chateau, it was time for a stroll outside. The larger garden (Diane de Poitiers' garden) has a simple water fountain in the middle.

Around the garden are big decorative flower pots.

We even saw some salamanders sunning themselves. This is one of them.

We did not spend much time in the smaller garden, the Catherine de Medici's garden.

Here are more shots of the chateau seen from different angles.

This chateau is supposedly to be one of the most beautiful in the Loire Valley as it sits across the River Cher but because of the low level of the water at that time (I was told it was very usual), it somehow diminishes the beauty. I was also disappointed that there were not too many flowers in the garden; perhaps it was the wrong time of the year.

There is a vegetable garden and farm outside the chateau and the old buildings give the area a very rustic charm. 

The colourful flowers and fruits here make it a worthwhile detour from the chateau.

After leaving the chateau, we made a stop at one of the many cave wine cellars in the area. The one we visited was Monmousseau. It is located on a steep road off the main road from Chenonceau. We took a guided tour of the cellars that is inside the cave dug into the side of the hill. At the end of the tour is the customary wine tasting session. What we had was sparkling wine or it would be called Champagne if it is located in the Champagne region.

After our "champagne", we went to Amboise for lunch and our next chateau.

Ronald Kwok

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