Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bordeaux, elegant

On the way to the hotel at Bordeaux, we drove past the riverside of the town. Being a Sunday, there were plenty of people taking advantage of the good weather in the park and pool areas along the river. (The greenish tinge is from the bus window as the shots below were taken inside the bus.)

After our breakfast the next morning, we had a walking tour of the town past the many elegant buildings reflecting the once wealth of Bordeaux as the major wine trading town of France.

Being early in the morning, the shops and arcades were all closed.

Many buildings have decorated bas-relief on their facade.

We soon reached the town centre where the town clock,

the Grand Theatre,

and a grand hotel is located.

There are some more elegant buildings around the square.

This wine council is in this building where wine tours can be arranged.

Finally we reached another major tourist spot, the tree-lined square of Esplanade des Quinconcers dominated by the Girondins Monument.

The proud cockerel or rooster takes central position on the monument as the symbol of France.

From Bordeaux, we drove on to Sarlat, the centre of the Dordogne Valley.

Ronald Kwok

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