Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cannes & Nice

The tour bus dropped us at the Cannes sea front where we had the first glimpse of Cannes. It was sunshine at last, but note the wet road as it was raining earlier.

We crossed the street to the many restaurants looking for our lunch. As it was lunch time, most of the restaurants were packed and we settled at one a bit away from the centre. We walked around and was wondering what they are admiring.

It was preparation for a giant sea-food platter that you can have for 100 euros or so. No, I did not have this for my lunch but I will surely get one of these if I ever visit Cannes again in the future!

The main attraction is the sea-front where yachts, sailing boats, people and dogs are on parade.

There is also a casino

and the famous Festival Palace where the Cannes Film Festival is held annually. Now anybody can walk the red carpet but during the festival it is only meant for the movie stars to make their grand entrance.

The symbol of the Palme D'Or or Golden Palm, prized prize of the Cannes Film Festival.

You can spend time looking for hand prints of your favourite movie stars in the surrounding pavement.

Some shots across the street from the Palace.

After the visit to Cannes, we took the local bus back to the hotel for a rest before we ventured out again in the evening for the optional trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco. We drove through Nice, passed the seemingly never ending promenade by the coast, the Promenade des Anglais that was financed by the early English tourists.

We passed the Nice harbour with more yachts and sailing boats

before we took the Corniche or hill road towards Monaco.

Ronald Kwok. 

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